Savannah Dive Coast in the Rain and Winter

Next up: Tybee Island, GA 1/26 – 2/1. The idea being, we’ll check out Savannah and this is one of the nearby campgrounds, and it’s by the ocean. Sounded good.

It wasn’t, really. The park itself was not bad, River’s End Campground in Tybee Island. Part of it was just luck and timing – off-season, fairly rainy, the Island is probably hopping other times of the year, and it looked like there were some cool eclectic artistic enclaves and shops. But, everything was pretty slow due to the time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I like off-season – fewer people, easier to enjoy nature that way. I did walk on the beach, saw the sunrise and sunset, but the vibe was certainly different for me.

I was here by myself, though that didn’t bother me much either. But, when I’m by myself I do tend to be a hermit. I stayed in my trailer a lot. Did quiet things, worked on some writing projects, worked on a gift for the wife for Valentine’s Day. So that was nice. But, I didn’t get out much, not for yoga, recovery, or anything else. Due to driving distance from Savannah, timing, and weather I didn’t see any of Savannah. (Oh well, I can save it for seeing with Victoria sometime later on.) Kind of a quick working week, then I left on Saturday to head back to Jacksonville for a couple of weeks.

About River’s End

The campground itself was quite nice, in a residential neighborhood with mature trees, nice landscaping, nice facilities – all for $36.75 per night. I’d recommend it. Some sites seemed to be a bit crowded – maybe the park was designed before all the RVs started being gigantic. My site was fine, but pulling out did require some people to move their vehicles.

About Tybee Island

All I have are a few impressions, and a few brief experiences. I shopped at the IGA, worked at the library, visited a couple of the beaches, used the public paid parking, bought pizza from Pizza on Wheels (which I thought was better than the Yelp ratings), and candy from Savannah Praline Company, which didn’t make it until Valentine’s Day.

Looks like paid parking was a retrofit onto the island’s skinny streets. Being the off-season there was plenty of parking, but it was pretty tight for my big truck. Walking anywhere was challenging – everything was wet and soppy, and there weren’t many sidewalks, curbs and gutters. That’s probably all nandy-pandy liberal crap and I got the feeling I was in a different space down here, but like I said they’re just impressions.

I enjoyed the candy. And the sunset was pretty on the dredge and pump operation and the washed up boats (previous hurricane?) . But, I wasn’t too sad to see this one in my rear view mirror and return to Hannah Park in Jacksonville for a couple more weeks.

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