Up to Greenville

The South Carolina one. For a conference that happened there. Kind of a short trip (2/19 – 2/21) – originally we were going to spend a little bit longer here, because Victoria used to live here long ago when her son Chase was a baby and she was going to show me some of the places she remembered from back then. But, plans changed.

I showed up at the KOA after a rainy drive all the way up from Jacksonville. But even in the rain I could tell this was the nicest KOA I’d ever stayed at. The guy who owns it with his wife talked with me a bit about how they’d recently spent time in Idaho and Montana enjoying the country and looking for campgrounds to buy. It was obvious they’d put a lot of love and effort into this one. The expense was a little higher than most, $65.16 per night after the member discount. But the location, grounds, laundry, and bath house amenities were great.

The conference was great. Good group of people making up the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association, and the South Carolina Mosquito Control Association.

Quick couple of days, then on to Charlotte area. Why? Why not.

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