About Us

Chad is a software project and product manager for Frontier Precision. He’s always traveled quite a bit for work. Now that we are early empty nesters, but still have a lot of working years left, we’ve decided to try combining more work travel to visit customers and do product research with simplified living. We sold our house in Idaho and started living in the travel trailer full-time at the beginning of September 2019. We’re not sure how long we’ll do this, but we’re enjoying the work and travel, and it’s been working well so far.

Victoria has worked the past few years as a merchandiser for various companies, and she’s been able to do some of that in various places we’ve stayed. She also spends some time writing this travel blog, taking pictures, keeping in touch with friends and family, and acting as navigator and co-pilot. She does a lot of the driving between places so that Chad can work.

Our travel trailer is a 2019 Keystone Outback 34′ 300ML bumper pull, and initially were pulling it with a 2019 Toyota Tundra. We upgraded that to a Ford F350 Lariat crew cab long box diesel. We prefer to stay at RV parks and state parks or national parks that have electric and water. If we’re staying for more than a couple of days, we prefer full hookup, but if it’s just overnight, electric and water is fine. We do have solar and a generator, so we could also boon dock it, but with approx. 60′ combined length and a pop out on each side of the trailer, we haven’t really tried that and likely won’t unless we have to.

About Our Blog

We decided to share our experiences staying at RV parks throughout our travels. Some details about the facilities and experiences may help other travelers, and they may also help other RV park owners or potential owners. We’d love to invest in RV parks throughout the country, because we’ve been surprised over and over how few places there are in some localities and how poor the facilities really are compared to how they would be if they had more competition. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve enjoyed our travels and it’s rare to stay at any place that just seems bad. But levels of cleanliness, good repair, functionality, and attention to beauty and aesthetics vary widely and are not necessarily correlated to price at all. When we find a good place to stay, we want to lift that up and spread the good word!

Note: we constantly use the All Stays app. It’s one of the few apps we’ve actually purchased from the app store, and it was worth every penny.

What People Say

This is the best review of laundromats I have ever seen.

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Man cannot live on bread alone. That’s why BBQ and ice cream must be sampled in every locality.


If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Yogi Berra