Campground Locations and Rating System

These are campground locations that we have stayed at.

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All ratings are purely subjective based on our own experiences. Our ratings are based on our expectations for the type of park we’re staying at. A County Park or State Park is expected to be more like camping, whereas most RV parks are expected to have more amenities. Gravel vs. paved or concrete, curbs vs. no curbs, grass and trees vs. less vegetation, it all depends on the locality and the type of park. We don’t expect a County Park to be like an RV Resort.

We rate campgrounds on the following basis:

  • Atmosphere – aesthetic appearance and attractiveness of the park, which for us is greenery, trees, shade, scenery; as well as security, safety, overall cleanliness, quiet vs. noise level in the park
  • Site – size, appearance, cleanliness, functionality, layout, and ease of use of the site itself
  • Bathhouse – appearance, cleanliness, functionality, condition, and convenience of bathroom and shower facilities
  • Laundry – layout, cost, cleanliness, condition, and convenience of laundry facilities
  • Stay Again – how likely would we be to stay again in the future
  • Average – average of all the above

We’ve decided we don’t care much about other amenities, like a clubhouse, miniature golf, or pool. If something is extra awesome or just plain silly we’ll probably comment on it but it isn’t part of our rating system.

We rate on a 1 to 5 rating scale:

  1. Very Dissatisfied
  2. Dissatisfied
  3. Neutral
  4. Satisfied
  5. Very Satisfied

This applies to every category except Stay Again:

  1. Would stay at WalMart next time instead
  2. Wouldn’t stay here again if there were any other choices
  3. Might stay here again, might stay somewhere else
  4. Would definitely stay here again if we were in the area
  5. Would travel to this area just to stay here again