Pony Express RV Resort, Salt Lake City

On our way to North Salt Lake, we stopped by Chad’s office to grab some swag items he needed for the Mosquito Conference he was attending in Bryce Canyon City.  He had discovered the Tacos Sonora Mexican Restaurant a week prior and wanted to take me there. It is located at 1038 S Lincoln Ave, Jerome, ID 83338. They do NOT have a website, unfortunately. Chad had El Tacos Pastor which they only serve on the weekends (Friday is considered part of the weekend). I had chicken flautas only because they were out of shredded beef which would have been my first choice. 

We stayed at the Pony Express RV Resort & Campground on the evening of October 11th for one night in Premium site B-14, $57.54 was the cost for one night.  The RV Park is very nice. There is a nice parkway trail connected to the RV Park. There are 25 Executive Sites, 28 Premium Sites, 39 Deluxe Plus sites, 42 Deluxe Sites, 15 Standard Back-In Sites, 8 Rustic Cabins, 2 Rustic Cabins with bathrooms, 12 Sports Cabins, and an Airstream Rental. There is a swimming pool, a playground, clubhouse, horseshoe pits, basketball court, giant chess set, and community fire pit. There is a laundry room on site, very nice though I didn’t use it.  The best feature about this laundry room is that the 5 washers and 5 dryers are side by side. The cost of each is only $2. They accept credit cards as well as quarters. There is a change machine and laundry soap dispensers. The laundry area and clubhouse are connected to the office. In this building there are also 2 separate ADA compliant bathrooms and 4 separate ADA compliant showers. There are 3 separate bath houses as well around the RV Park. The one downside to this park is the smell because of the Chevron Refinery across Redwood Rd.  There is a parkway trail connected to the RV Park. 

We did get groceries while in the area at Lucky.  It wasn’t like the grocery store we are used to shopping at home but found the few things we needed.  This is the one downside of traveling to unfamiliar places is that grocery shopping is a bit of a challenge.

On the way to Bryce Canyon City we stopped in Fillmore, UT to have lunch at  5 Buck Pizza.  We showed up shortly after a tour group had arrived.  Our order took longer than normal and then it wasn’t right after we got it.  We talked with the manager and we were able to eat the pizza we were given. They made us the pizza we ordered and gave it to us free of charge.  The pizza was very good and definitely worth the money we paid and the wait. 

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