Back at Home for a Minute – Twin Falls 93 RV Park

“You said, *some people don’t like this town very much*, I said you’re right, let’s drive all night and find somewhere to stay”

Let’s Go to Vegas, by Some Other Band (I mean, Mains & Monitors and my spiritual guru Chase Chandler)

We were here for a 2 week plus one day stay at the Twin Falls 93 RV Park, spot #12, the cost for a single night was $36, our total cost was $540.  The location of the spot is great because it is near the laundry room and bath house which is all in one building. Ours is a pull through spot with full hook ups, 20-30-50 amp hookups at every site. The spot has grass and mature trees and is in the older section of the RV Park. There is a newer section where the trees aren’t very old, but the sites are 80’ double “big rig” sites.  The older sites do not have much room between trailers especially if the neighboring trailer has pop outs. (see pic below). Each area comes with a picnic table which appears to have been built onsite. There is Wi-Fi and it hasn’t been too bad though if you want to be able to stream movies then it is an upcharge. 

They advertise a putting green and it is pathetic. In the hole is a giant weed and there are other weeds surrounding it.  I am not a golfer though I have golfed. From what I understand putting greens are flat and this one has a hill. There is a pond and it is in need of some work as well. There is an area for horseshoes and it is fine.  There is a nice BBQ picnic area. The office carries RV supplies and snacks like ice cream on a stick for $2 each. They also have propane on site. The grassy areas could use some mowing, but if you think about it your hoses and such are on one side and your picnic table is on the other. 

When we arrived, I needed to do a load of laundry.  There are 3 washers and 4 dryers, cost to wash is $2 and the cost to dry is $1 for 45 minutes.  When I went to wash a load of clothes, there were 2 washers out of order and one of them you could only wash items in HOT. Not sure how they couldn’t shut off the hot water and let it wash in cold, but I washed the load nonetheless.  I went to use it the other day and one of the washers was completely removed, which only left two and they were both in use. There are 73 spots in this RV Park and some are definitely living here. Unlike the RV Park in Great Falls, the class of people living here are completely different and they have a very strict policy about barking dogs.  There are a lot of nice coaches, fifth wheels, trailers and cars for that matter. 

We are surprised with the lack of attention to the cleanliness of the bathroom.  I have only gone into that area once and that was to take pictures. My husband has used it on a regular basis and is not impressed with the fact that when he sits down to use the toilet the folding door hits his knees.  He is 6 ft tall but feels like the bath house area was an after thought. There are 2 bathroom stalls with folding doors in the men’s as well as the women’s areas. One of the stalls has a big hole so that you can access the light switch, however that means no privacy for whoever is in there using it since you can see right inside.  There are 2 shower stalls in each as well. For those of you who use these showers, please ladies, clean out your long hair from the drain. I have long hair and I know that it comes out each and every time I shower. I try my best to clean up after myself when using a public shower and even my own for that matter. My husband isn’t fond of showering with a big clump of my hair.  There is no way that the owners can clean up after every use so I don’t blame them for the fact that there is hair covering the drain. 

We actually used to live in this area so we have been enjoying spending time with friends. I spent the afternoon with a friend getting a mani/pedi at Sarah LaVaughn’s Nail Spa. My friend had about an hour before she was to get her haircut at Rustic Pear Salon.  I spoke to the manager, Linny, at Slice Pizza about ordering ahead so that our pizza would be ready when we got there.  She was very accommodating and our pizza was ready as promised. We ended up taking it to go since we saw some people we knew eating next door at Twin Falls Sandwich Company.  

We met friends for brunch on Sunday at Abracadabras. Unless you are able to consume a lot then sharing one of their main breakfast items is plenty for two people.  This is our 3rd time eating brunch at this restaurant.  Twice at this location and once in Idaho Falls.  Still more yummy dishes to try. Today we had the Fanatical Farmer and our friends had the white cheddar country omelet and they said it was delicious and recommended that we try it next time if we like country gravy. (The previous 2 times my husband had the Basque Chorizo Eggs Benedict. I had the Captain Crunch French Toast which is huge and cures your sweet tooth also ordered one biscuit with gravy.  I could not eat all of my French toast. The other time I had their Deep Fried Monte Cristo with Parmesan Fries). I had half of it left over which reheated really well when I reheated it in a frying pan. Later that day we went to dinner with more friends to Peking Restaurant.  We enjoyed our fried rice, my husband said their hot & sour soup was pretty good. He was not impressed with his Szechuan beef dish.  My lemon chicken was ok. I did not like the spring rolls that came with his combo meal. Mine came with Crab Rangoon and we traded since he likes crab and I don’t. 

Our friend Christen who is thinking of RVing full time with her wife, has done quite a bit of research and mentioned to us that a must have is an Oxygenics Shower Head. We purchased one shortly after arriving to town after not having one for the first 3 weeks of this full time living adventure. Our is similar to this , but is not nickel plated though if I had known they had a Star Wars Darth Vader one I might have chosen to order it instead.  It does work much better than the one that came with our trailer originally though I am having to get used to taking shorter showers which isn’t a bad thing I suppose since conserving water is a good idea no matter where you are.  We are going to look into the possibility of installing a larger water heater.

While we were in Twin Falls we also got to see my son Chase and his band Mains & Monitors play at Octoberfest downtown on Main Street across from the new splash pad. That was pretty cool! The Magic Valley Times-News featured them too!

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