We Stopped in Shelby, MT

Our 4th stay was at Shelby RV Park & Resort, Shelby, MT, spot #16.

This RV Park is owned and operated by the Comfort Inn which is conveniently located next door. Cost is $42 a night with Good Sam’s discount. You need to check in at the front desk of the Inn. With your reservation you have access to their gym, pool & hot tub. Hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. There is a shower area in the fitness room. There are towels there to use as well.  We did use the hot tub on our first night and we had the place to ourselves. You can get breakfast there each morning for $6. There is cable as well as WiFi which worked very well during our stay.

This site has 8 pull through full hook up sites and 22 back in full hook up sites as well as 3 cabins and a tent area. There is a laundry room on site and it is available 24/7. It only has 2 front load washers & two dryers. It costs $1.75 to wash and the dryers cost $1.50 for 30 minutes.  This was plenty of time to dry my sheets in one along with my robe and bathmat in another. The laundry area did have a table for folding clothes, but it was a bit dirty with a few socks on the floor and dryer sheets laying around.

The bath house is co-ed with separate shower/bathrooms with a door that locks and is much like you would expect to find in a hotel including a trash can in each. It was the nicest feature of the relatively new park, according to my husband. There is one shower that has a bench and is ADA compliant so it is nice and roomy. There are 4 hooks on the wall, but I didn’t actually like them since they were just big dowels. I use two towels and one of my towels did not want to stay on the hook. I ended up having to drape it over the shower curtain rod, which was fine.  The shower head is the hand held kind. I like to take hot showers even in warm weather. It was on full hot during my entire shower. If I turned it down even just a little, it got too cold for me. I used the same shower the 2nd morning and at first I needed to turn it to halfway or it was too hot. However, halfway through then I needed to turn it to full on hot.  There are 4 separate shower/bathroom areas and one with just a toilet & sink. Since it was just a short distance from our set up then I did use the bath house during our stay. 

When my husband went to have a shower the first morning, he found one of the areas was quite messy since someone had chosen to leave their trash all over the floor instead of in the trash can. We saw a couple people that had appeared to have stayed in the tent spot, not sure if they were squatting or not. We suspect it was them since they left trash at their tent site as they were leaving. (Each place we have stayed does have a coded lock on the bathroom doors, but it wouldn’t be that difficult to get in if you weren’t actually a paying customer. No one really seems to check to see if you are actually supposed to be there and it would even be more the case in a tent spot, I suspect.) This RV Park seems fairly new so the trees are not very big.  There isn’t any pretty scenery to see from any of the windows (except the morning and evening skies) and absolutely no privacy. Our first night stay we heard a lot of dogs and people talking. The second night was a lot quieter, but there were also less people in the park. One thing that my husband mentioned was the “lighthouse” that each site has where the electric and water hook ups are. It’s designed for RV parks and it has some nice features like a hook to hang the electric cord on so it stays above the water connection, and the water connection is down low so it won’t drip or leak on the electric. Small things, but it’s better than a lot of places.

I went to check out and asked about the Good Sam’s discount to see if they applied it at check-in.  They said no. I asked if they could adjust it and they said no that my card needed to be presented at check-in.  I mentioned that my husband was not asked to show his card at check-in. The woman at the desk reiterated that it was my responsibility to show my card at check in.  I told her that is not what the paperwork said and then she proceeded to give me the discount. My take away from this is that it is best to have my card ready at check in to prevent any instances like this in the future.  Most places can look up your Good Sam’s number in their computer system just using your name. 

Pros: use of the hotel hot tub and pool, nice bath house

Cons: new park so trees are still small, it’s built on a hill so some spots’ outdoor area isn’t very usable though there may be a picnic table at an angle if you’re brave – but maybe that’s how they grow in the wind, I don’t know

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