Evergreen Campground in Havre, MT

Our 5th stay was at Evergreen Campground, Havre, MT, spot #13 (our check in date was Friday the 13th!) 

This campground is located approximately 6 miles Southwest of Havre.  There are 38 sites for tents & RVs some spots come with fire pits, all spots come with a picnic table. The back in spots have full hook ups. They do have pull through sites, but they are water & electric only. There is laundry on site with four washers, cost is $1.25 to wash and 3 dryers, cost is 25 cents for approximately 12-13 minutes.  There is a bath house with separate shower areas for men & women. There are two showers which appear to be coin operated, but are actually free and 2 stalls with toilets. There is a double sink with countertop. Both the laundry & bath house areas are clean, just on the older side. They do not have coded locks. There is wi-fi and it works well for what I have been using it for during the day.  It did cut out once while I was listening to music on Spotify. There is a playground and the campground is approximately 7 acres of grass & mature shade trees. The sites are fairly close together. When my husband was checking in, the card machine wasn’t working properly so he was able to pay with an out of state check. The owner came out to help make sure my husband was able to back in properly into our spot. 

For lunch after we were all settled, we went into town and ordered take out pizza from a place called Nalivka’s which has been around since the 60’s and was started by a Russian woman.  It is still family owned and operated. It isn’t your typical pizza take out such as Domino’s or Pizza Hut.  It has a thin, flaky crust and the cheese is on top instead of on the bottom. If you want something other than your typical pizza, you should give it a try.  We had the House Special medium size cost was $19.00 and it was delicious! We have plenty for lunch again tomorrow. They accept cash or check only. They will do a half & half pizza when you choose from the Traditional Pizza favorites portion of their menu.  They also have Gourmet Pizza, French Bread Sandwiches, wings, garlic bread, cheese bread, dinner salad, chef salad, and pasta of the week.  They also have homemade soups that you can buy by the pint or quart as well as their spaghetti sauce, fresh or frozen. They have ultimate meatballs individually frozen for $2.25 each as well as their Italian Sausage by the pound made using a family recipe. 

We have people on either side of us that have dogs which we worry about when we hear them bark.  We had neighbors back at our sticks & brick house that had dogs that barked nonstop when we were outside or sometimes even inside if they could hear us. So far we have only heard the dogs bark a couple times.  Overall I am surprised at how well behaved people’s dogs are with all the strangers around in the RV Parks we have been to so far.

On Saturday morning my husband stopped at a local coffee hut called the Coffee Hound and got a Mocha.  He said it was not great, but he is also a bit of a coffee snob.  I got something they call a juicer, which is OJ, cream & vanilla and it was good. we went to a local Farmer’s Market in the Park.  We bought a smoked chicken, fresh eggs & broccoli from one place and then corn on the cob as well as pickled beans from another. After lunch we went on an hour long guided tour of the Havre Historical Underground. Tickets were $17 each for adults.  We had a very fun tour guide, but my opinion is that it isn’t worth the money. It wasn’t at all like I thought it would be. Not at all like it was at the time the businesses actually existed.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Beaver Creek Park, which we were told by a local, is the largest county park in the USA.  We took our inflatable kayak out on Bear Paw Lake. The cost for a day pass was $10.  There are 2 places in the park with a self pay station that accepts cash or check. One close to the entrance and then one half way through the park.  The lake we went to had several separate areas to park a vehicle and each had a picnic table. There isn’t any shade though in any of the areas around this lake. 

My husband used their shower our first morning here and said that the water smelled like rotten eggs. The water coming into our trailer is fine so we aren’t sure if the hot water heater in the bath house is just old or if it uses water from a nearby hot spring.  I have used the laundry area on two separate occasions and I haven’t noticed a smell of any sort. I have only used the cold water settings though.

At this particular location we put out a Rescue Disposable Fly Trap that we purchased from Wal-Mart because they were all over outside the window of our dining area. It has worked really well as you can see in the photo.

They also make one for Yellow Jackets, which we have used also, but the effectiveness isn’t as noticeable visually.  Though we haven’t spent much time outside our trailer in the picnic area after putting these out to be honest.

Today I met the owners of the campground when I went to the office to get some change for the laundry.  A very nice couple and she is apparently the one that repairs the Maytag washers when needed. He did ask me if I figured out their dryers because the coin operated part is a bit archaic.  They have lawn games that you can borrow like Bocce and Ladder Ball.  

Pros: quiet, shady, friendly owners, not far from town

Cons: sulfur smell in men’s shower

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