Jekyll Island Campground, Georgia

I headed North from Jacksonville about 90 minutes to Jekyll Island, Georgia. This was the first foray by myself. I didn’t have any expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised. I was relieved to be leaving JAX – Victoria and I had had a rough day the day before.

My impression is that Jekyll Island is quite a nice little coastal resort island with a decent number of permanent residents and that it’s pretty much the off season now. Perfect time to visit in an RV in my opinion.

The campground was great – clean, nice, forested, with well kept facilities. At $40.29 a night, it was a fantastic value – one of the nicest places I’ve stayed at for the price.

I worked from the trailer all week which was fine. There weren’t any customers to visit in the area so the main point of visiting was just to enjoy the views from a different spot. Jekyll Island didn’t disappoint. Driftwood Beach was pretty awesome.

I did visit Brunswick for a yoga class one evening at The Clouds Yoga Center. I’m an utter beginner with yoga, but I’m definitely hooked on yin. Very emotional for me. I don’t quite understand it, but I feel it is a good thing.

On Saturday I walked around old town Brunswick a bit, got a good coffee, then headed to Jacksonville to spend some time with Victoria. We found a great dresser at Atlantic Beach Arts Market and they also had a desk in storage which they went and grabbed so we could look at it. They’re going to work their magic on it. Can’t wait to see it!

Spotify must have known I was in Georgia because the playlists included acoustic grit and dusty outlaw country. Ian Noe reminded me of Jerome without meaning to, Luke Winslow-King made it OK to travel by myself, Lianne La Havas to forget, and Joseph LeMay to Call it Quits. All of it was emotionally resonant. Maybe my iPhone was monitoring my vitals too and guessing at my mood, or listening to some of our recent arguments. Who knows.

On Sunday we went to UU and got to hear Timothy Edwards play Chopin Nocturne #9, one of my favorites! Then I drove back to Georgia and checked out, headed farther North. 🙂

The feel of the week was good – solid – some good recovery – some spaciousness – some real connection. There were some highs, there were some lows. There was beauty. New vistas are opening up!

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