From Jan 7 – 17, we were “home” again. I had a work conference in Boise on Jan 15 – 16, so we wanted to take advantage of the time to see friends and family. We flew from Jacksonville FL into Boise, rented a car, and drove to Twin Falls.

I hadn’t really been looking forward to the trip. Driving over from Boise to Twin, I was struck by how bleak and dead the landscape looks in the winter – I’ve gotten used to seeing green throughout the winter this year which has been great for me. I’ve been enjoying the beauty of sunrises, sunsets, water, forest – this has been the first Winter I haven’t had to accept bleakness and just sort of hibernate or play with philosophical toys to get through waiting for Spring. I also have a lot of history in Twin Falls, for better or worse. I started experiencing “home” as a tight hot hard feeling in the pit of my stomach, which a friend pointed out was a mixture of anger, anxiety, and shame. Welcome home. 😉

But, as I got closer to Jerome and Twin Falls, I also had good memories of all the friendships and connections we’ve made in the past 7+ years.

We stayed with Ron & Jen Blair. We are so grateful for them opening their home to us! The upstairs bonus room area we stayed in was awesome and super comfortable. It was only about 3x bigger than our entire RV trailer. 🙂

I spent some time in the new offices. Frontier moved to a location in Jerome nearer to the Interstate in a strip mall near Domino’s. The new office space looks great.

We’d made a bunch of plans to see friends and family. Everything went pretty smoothly and it ended up being very enjoyable. We got to see a lot of recovery friends from AA and Al-Anon.

On the weekend we went to Shelley with both of Victoria’s boys to see her parents and her nephew and his wife and their family. That was nice. I got to hear about Chase’s experiences with expanded consciousness a la Michael Pollan and Skyler’s experiences as an LDS missionary in Poland (he just got home in December). Jon and Julie Klapp and their family are great people, so generous. We had chicken dinner from Broulim’s at their place.

On Sunday, we went to U.U. and saw old friends there and got to hear Rev. Jenny Peek from Pocatello U.U. for the first time. We got to spend time with my favorite sisters Christen and Yvonne for lunch, and Megan and Susie and Jen (and Ron too) to play Cards Against Humanity and Darn You to Heck.

Good feelings of friends in Twin Falls are a reminder to me that the whole world is waiting and that opening and seeking connection is something that is available anywhere and everywhere. We made the very best of being in Twin Falls and ended up building an enjoyable life. It’s so important to us to keep those friendships. We also intend to use all the new skills we’ve gained in the recent years to make new friends and connections wherever we go. It’s so nice to not be alone!

Then we went to the conference in Boise and flew back to Jacksonville on Friday – but not before seeing some more great friends, John and Kacee O’Connor in Boise.

On my way back to Jacksonville, I felt like I was going home for real. Because I feel most at home when I am out on the edges, seeking not just novelty but also the discomfort and growth that goes with having no ground under your feet. And this whole last four months or more has been a series of experiences and challenges, new opportunities and difficulties, emotional and relationships changes and upheavals, and some unforgettable good memories. Home has been wherever Victoria and I are together. Home has been the Outback. For me, home is wherever I am. I’m comfortable wherever I go. And what we were going back to is a brand new start. Jacksonville is going to be home base for Victoria. I am going to continue to do some traveling and cycle back through Jacksonville every so often. We’re not uncoupling, but we’re trying out something new and different, and that is exciting.

Welcome home. 🙂

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