Casey Jones RV Park, Lake City, FL

Dec 12th we stayed the night at Casey Jones RV Park in Lake City, FL in one of the late arrival sites, $25 was the cost.  A bit upset about just getting one of the two late arrival sites left when I had called to make a reservation several weeks ahead of time. The guy that took the reservation didn’t ask for much information so I decided to email him as well and never received a response to my email. I also called when we were 2 & ½ hours away to confirm that we would be coming. There were plenty of spots available in the RV Park. The late arrival area sites were basically aligned with one in front of the other so it made it a bit tricky to head out since we left earlier than the person in front of us. We chose this place because it was basically halfway between Baton Rouge, LA and Big Pine Keys, FL where we were headed for the next 10 days. The sites were sand and it rained over night so our blocks were pretty dirty the next morning.  We keep rags handy for the purpose of wiping them off. 

They only had 30 amp service and we had a converter for our 50 amp plug.  It was cold and I tried to run the space heater as well as the fireplace and it was too much.  We didn’t have power after that. Chad’s pretty certain that they didn’t have the main box wired properly because it didn’t just trip a breaker, there just wasn’t power anymore. Luckily, we had plenty of propane and battery power. Though Chad was unable to have coffee that morning and there wasn’t a convenient place to get coffee before we needed to leave.  We had a long drive ahead of us. Luckily there was a vending machine near the office and Chad was able to get a can of Mountain Dew for $1.

We didn’t use the laundry but the cost was $1.50 to wash and $1.75 to dry (not certain of how many minutes you get because it wasn’t posted.) The men’s bathhouse had a urinal, one stall and a very large shower.  The women’s bathhouse had two bathroom stalls and a nice size shower. Each shower had a door, a row of hooks and a dressing area. The mat on the floor outside the shower was a mat usually found outside the door of a house.  

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