Flamingo Lake RV Resort JAX

November 21-22 we stayed at Flamingo Lake RV Resort Northwest of Jacksonville FL, cost for the one night $54.90 with our Good Sams discount. Ours was a regular lot and this is the rate from 10/1-3/31. (see the scanned copy of price sheet). There are cabins to rent as well, but no pets or smoking allowed. They give you a calendar of events for the month when you check in, they have movie nights, bingo, karaoke, yoga, board game night, cards and kids activities. There is a café on site and you are given a copy of the weekly specials as well as a copy of the menu. The Sunrise Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Amenities include a store with a limited supply of groceries, rv supplies, shirts, hats & flip flops, beach & pool toys, toiletries, charcoal, lighter fluid, fishing supplies, souvenirs, mail drop, stamps, postcards, fax, copy & notary service, complimentary coffee. There is a swimming pool, 17 acre lake with beaches for swimming, fishing, wind surfing, no motorized boats allowed. There are tubes, canoes & paddle boat rentals available at the restaurant. There is a rec hall that occasionally has live entertainment and it can be rented for private group functions. There is also horseshoes, a basketball court, adult gym, playground, fire pit, pavilion, fishing docks, Wi-Fi, laundry facility and bathhouse.  The laundry facility was busy when I went to do a couple loads of laundry. At first there was only one washer available but it wasn’t long until another became available. There were 9 front loading washers total, $2 was the cost. There for 9 dryers but 3 of them were out of order. The cost was $1 for 32 minutes which was plenty of time to dry the two loads of clothes that I had, one of which was a load of jeans. One of the ladies doing laundry who had been there for a month said the one dryer had been out of order the entire time. She just happened to put $1 in the dryer and it wouldn’t turn on. She did call the office and they sent maintenance to check it out and they gave her 4 quarters. He checked it out and it started working.  The bathhouse is on the older side but is clean.

They recently added on a new section and it apparently has another laundry area & bathhouse but it isn’t in working order yet due because of something to do with the city inspector.

We only stayed one night so didn’t have much of a chance to enjoy any of the amenities.  It was a bit noisy when we arrived because they were trimming trees. We also noticed in the early evening some loud jets flying overhead since the airport is less than 5 miles away. No noise from other trailers though the lady I met doing laundry said we were staying in the noisy part of the resort.

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