Orlando Area – Twelve Oaks RV Park

November 13-15 we stayed at Twelve Oaks RV Resort, site 138, $40.50 was the cost each night with our Good Sams discount.  There isn’t much either of us would say constitutes “Resort” in the title. This is a Mobile Home & RV Park. There is currently construction going on outside the park which we were told about when making the reservation.  At times the construction would shake the trailer and of course, there is construction noise all day long. They also told us that the pool was not available due to construction. On the site map we were given I don’t see a pool, just a pond.  Not sure if the site map has been updated to coincide with the construction going on or if it is prior to construction. They are rebuilding the highway right outside the park and traffic is busy so trying to get somewhere takes extra time. This is not the fault of the owners, of course, but is a factor to consider when staying here.  It will be going on for the next couple of years. Our neighbor liked to play his music when outside which is challenging when my husband is trying to work from the trailer. He’s a nice guy and is obeying the rules technically but in the actual “Resorts” we stayed at, our neighbors were quiet. There was no noise except for the occasional voices as people were talking while walking to the recreation area.  This is more of a mobile home park with some people living in a trailer/5th wheel/Coach.  

The laundry and bathhouse during construction reside in trailers next to the office.  When we went to check them out on our first day we could only get to part of them because they had recently stained the deck area.  Two of the bathrooms were dirty not sure what the cleaning schedule is since it is not posted. There are a total of 8 combined shower & toilets, one of which is ADA compliant.  There are 8 dryers which run for 45 minutes for $1.50 and 6 washers, 3 of which are out of order, $1.50 is the cost to wash.

On the evening of the 13th we decided to go out to dinner to Jimmy Hula’s which is a chain with 15 locations throughout Florida. I had a Wipeout Taco which comes with marinated steak, shrimp, fries, jack cheese, avocado, salsa, baja sauce and tortilla chips, $4.50 is the cost not including tax. Chad had the Surfari Burrito- jerked shrimp, jasmine rice, black beans, cheddar jack cheese, red & green cabbage, cilantro, honey habanero boss sauce, $9.25 was the cost before tax.  We had chocolate chip cookie dough flautas for dessert with ice cream, $4.28 was the cost with tax.

On the 14th Chad went to see customers in the afternoon and I found a nice thrift store, boutique & furniture store separated into 3 different sections called The Sharing Center Thrift Store.  There is a minimum purchase price of $5 if you want to use a credit/debit card.  There is a cash register or two in each of the separate shopping areas.

Driving around the Sanford area as well as surrounding areas there was a lot of construction so a lot of traffic.  Extra time is needed to get to places and as stated earlier this construction is major so will be ongoing for several years.

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