We Moved the Island

Not on purpose. A few moves back, we accidentally left the leaf to the table extended when we brought in the pop-out. Crunch! Shit! Victoria has been known to say that word from time to time, whereas if an hour goes by without me saying a 4-letter word, I’m probably sleeping. We looked and couldn’t see what had broken or cracked because the table was still intact, and the kitchen island it had pushed into was all in one piece still.

Then a couple days back I was getting out a pan and noticed that the whole kitchen island was a little bit loose. So I investigated.

To see how the island is anchored to the floor, I first had to remove some wood paneling that was dividing off the cabinet storage from something that needed protecting. The bottom cabinet space only had room to store some pan lids or other small items, and to be honest we didn’t even know that the space under the stove was a real cabinet until we went looking, but it also had only a very small amount of usable space.

After removing the wood paneling by loosening two wood screws on each piece of paneling, I was able to see that the entire island is anchored to the floor with wood screws driven through the 1×1 wood trim attached to the cabinet walls. I backed one of them out and saw that they were 1-3/4″ wood screws. Several had been “popped” out of the floor, and the trim was slightly deformed as a result.

I re-tightened the screws and drove a couple extra 2″ wood screws into place using my handy dandy Craftsman Impact Wrench that I got on sale at Lowe’s around Father’s Day, one of the best cheap investments recommended for RV living by a friend of ours. And I cut the paneling down to a smaller size and left a whole bunch more room for storage!

So, two things to remember. First, our mental checklist when getting ready to go now includes making sure the leaf of the table is down. 🙂 And second, don’t assume that the paneling in storage areas is absolutely necessary. This is just the latest example of finding a bunch of extra storage space when we moved or removed some paneling in storage areas. In our Outback 330ML, the pantry area had a retractable garbage can storage in the bottom area which took the entire lower area of the pantry for a 5.5 gallon garbage can! So we took that out and gave ourselves that entire area which now houses cleaning materials, a fold-down broom and dustpan, and a cheap but effective Dirt Devil vacuum. We put the garbage can under the kitchen sink after removing the paneling that was in there which was doing nothing but hiding the drain pipe for the sink. Tons of room.

So far we’ve only had little ticky tack things like this to worry about on the trailer, which has been nice. Nothing that small power tools, a few easy to find supplies, and a little bit of common sense can’t fix.

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