Pine Crest RV Park, Slidell, LA

We arrived in the afternoon on October 30th at Pine Crest RV Park which is a Good Sams Park and we were in site #9.  The cost for a 2 night stay was $90.91. The first thing we noticed is that the website does NOT tell you is that it is an RV & Mobile Home Park. There are 19 Premium pull thru spots & 11 back in Premium spots, 40 Deluxe spots and 58 standard spots. There is free wireless internet, fishing, horseshoes, shuffleboard, propane, dump station, laundry, bathhouse, health club available as well as discounted rental cars available. The laundry area opens at 8am and closes at 6pm, the same time as the office.  You must have your load of wash started by 4:30pm in order to have it done by the time they lock the doors. There are 4 washers & 4 dryers each cost $1.50 per load. One of the washers was out of order during our 2 day stay. 

For dinner we decided to check out Papa’s Backyard Bar-B-Q since you can never eat too much BBQ.  We were disappointed when we ordered sides and they said that they didn’t have jambalaya as an option even though it is listed as a choice on their website.  We ordered the 3 meat platter which was plenty of food for the 2 of us. There were 2 ribs, brisket and a chicken leg and we chose the corn muffin. We also got potato salad and macaroni & cheese for our sides. Chad got an ice tea to drink.  The food was good, but neither of us really liked the BBQ sauce.

After dinner we could tell that the sunset was going to be beautiful based on the clouds in the sky so we drove to Eden Isle which is in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, on the northeast shore of Lake Pontchartrain and saw a gorgeous view. Luckily we were able to capture it in pictures.

Thursday morning I spent time doing 2 loads of laundry.  I was lucky to get my hands on two machines by about 8:45 that morning. They remained busy the rest of the time I was there.  Not a fan of the set up with the washers on one side and the dryers on the other side, fairly far apart. There was only a wicker love seat to sit on and it was occupied by a gentleman so I had to stand waiting.  They did have a rack for hanging clothes but it wasn’t near the dryers at all. There was a utility sink in the laundry room if needed. There are signs on the wall stating there is no change available but one woman was able to get some from the office staff.

For lunch on Thursday, October 31, we went to T LeBlanc’s Cajun Creole Kitchen. I had their chicken salad sandwich, which doesn’t come with any sides and $5.50 is the cost. Chad had their Cajun Two Step and chose catfish and their corn & crabmeat bisque because they were out of their seafood gumbo and $13 is the cost. For dessert we had their Lemon Icebox dessert which was very yummy.  The rest of the food was just okay though Chad did enjoy the bisque.

Thursday afternoon and evening, which just so happened to be Halloween, were spent exploring New Orleans. We chose to just park in a lot where you could pay using your phone.  We initially paid for 3 hours and then just walked around. Our first stop was Café Du Monde to have beignets and a coffee for Chad.  We then walked around the French Quarter listening to music in different places.  There was one that was our favorite, Justin Donovan Trio, we could have stayed all night and listened.  Needless to say they didn’t have good food and one reason we came was so Chad could have some Cajun/Creole.  We ended up having dinner at Pierre Maspero’s. I had a Hot Brown, which is Cajun-fried turkey served open face on savory French toast with pepper jack cheese, grilled tomato and applewood smoked bacon -$13.50 was the cost.  Chad had the Jambalaya with chicken and shrimp – $24 was the cost. The food was good but nothing extra special. When we got back to the parking area we had 15 minutes left so we walked along the river and saw some interesting sculptures and some of the sunset.

It rained a lot while we were there and luckily there are cement pads for the RVs but they aren’t super wide and the grass around the cement area had standing water the entire time of our stay.

Neither of us had the chance to check out the bathhouse.  I am sure they were fine based on what I saw of the office area and laundry.

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