Limon Colorado KOA

After Grand Junction, Colorado we are heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We had our drive to Limon, Colorado planned out but had to make a last minute change since a winter storm was hitting our original route.  Chad found a way that added an hour to our drive but would get us away from the storm. We still encountered some snow, which made for some wonderful scenery but some tense driving.

We arrived around 10pm on October 21st to the Limon KOA Journey.  We called ahead to let them know we would arrive after the office closed. We stayed in site 6. We chose not to unhook the trailer.  It was due to freeze that night so we did not hook up the water and we had some in the tank from the previous night. We found out when we tried to used the water that the trailer was not quite level.  We decided to just make due since we were going to leave early the next morning and just needed a place to sleep. Found out if the propane tank wasn’t completely full then it would also not work properly if the trailer wasn’t level. 

The only amenities we used was the bathhouse.  We found them to be older, but clean. The ladies room needed some work done.  The bathroom stall had peeling paint on the stall door and several of the toilet paper holders were held together with duct tape. There are 3 separate toilet stalls and 3 separate showers in the women’s bathhouse. There were no coded locks on the door which allowed some woman’s husband to come in a couple times to check on her, which made me feel very uncomfortable. The best thing about it is that it was very warm, maybe a little more than necessary, in the bathroom which was nice for a change. Chad said that he didn’t notice it being overly warm in the men’s shower.  T

There wasn’t time to check out the laundry or any of the other amenities. We suggest checking out the reviews on their site which seemed to be updated regularly and all reviews seemed to be posted, good and bad.  

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