Hays Kansas

Our drive from Limon, Colorado to Hays, Kansas was not very picturesque. We stopped for a bite to eat in Oakley, KS.  There weren’t many places to choose from.  We took a suggestion from Yelp and tried Buffalo Bills Bar & Grill. It was basically a dive bar, but the food was good.  We shared a John Wayne burger, cost $8.95 (1/3 lb. burger topped with swiss cheese, bacon, Texas toothpicks & BBQ sauce) and which came with tots. I asked if they had a special sauce for their tots and I was given Ben’s Sauce.  It was what we would call fry sauce with siracha.  I found out that the Texas Toothpicks are deep fried onion and jalapeno pieces.  The ladie’s restroom was in need of some work as well the area in between the bar and the restrooms.

We arrived at the Creekside Resort in Hays, Kansas on October 22 and stayed in site #26. There are 36 site spaces all together.  They don’t have a good site map printed up.  We did find out that this place has only been open 2 ½ months. This place is a testament to “build it and they will come.” The sites are gravel and there is a bit of grass, but it is more weeds than anything. All sites are nice big pull through sites 76′ long I think they said. The electric water and sewer placement was a bit odd as they have the electric towards the front and most people’s plug-in is in the back. As for amenities, they are nearly brand new so they are still in like-new condition, though one of the men’s restrooms already had a broken mirror and one of the showers already had a hole in the fiberglass. None of these spaces seemed to be thought out very well.  They have a men’s restroom with one toilet and a women’s restroom with one toilet.  There are two separate showers, with no toilets. The ceilings are high, there didn’t appear to be any fans, and the trim and siding used inside the bathrooms didn’t appear to be well sealed so this place will be a nightmare to keep clean and maintained as the years go by. As far as using the showers, the hooks for hanging towels are not within reach of the shower, there is no mat to step out on and there isn’t a bench or chair.  There is nothing to indicate that the bathrooms or the showers are in use – most places we’ve been have an “occupied / vacant” lock mechanism so other guests know if the facility is in use. The laundry room currently only has one washer & one dryer though there is room for one more of each. The cost is $1.50 for the washer and $1 for the dryer.  I do not know how many minutes that gets you.  The dumpsters weren’t shown on the site map and eventually we found one small dumpster near the entrance/exit of the RV park. Currently there are no other amenities than the ones mentioned besides WiFi.  Their check out time of 2pm is later than all others we have been to.

Don’t mean to sound picky or whatever, but if you’re going to create a brand new RV park, check other parks and reviews to see what works and what doesn’t work for people. Make something that’s going to be easy to maintain and clean, because the facilities are going to need to be cleaned. A lot. For a long time.

All in all, it was a good value, and as far as one-nighters go, it was pretty decent. Just don’t know how well this park is going to hold up and what it will look like in a few years.

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