At Dick’s in Great Falls

In Great Falls, MT we stayed at Dick’s RV Park, spot #102.  The pictures on their website make this place look a lot nicer than it is. There were two options within Great Falls. This place or the KOA. Our cost with Good Sam’s discount for 3 nights is $130.  If we stayed at the KOA it would have cost approximately $180. The next closest place was about 20 minutes from town. We were kind of surprised that a town as big as Great Falls on the Interstate only has 2 RV parks.

We were greeted by a Rottweiler barking at us in the window of the trailer in the spot next to ours.  This went on the entire time we were setting up. It did stop once we went inside and didn’t really happened again after that. 

We decided to check out the bathrooms and laundry areas.  They have two bath houses on the premises and we are close to both.  They are on the older side but appeared and smelled clean. Each bath house has men’s and women’s, each bathroom has 2 stalls and 2 showers. There are 141 spots plus a tent area. They seem to not care too much about how things look if you take a close look at the pictures.  They were serviceable but pretty hard used and all in all these facilities could use some updating. We both decided we would prefer to just use our own shower and toilet for our stay.

When I first went to take a picture of the laundry it was in use.  The lady using it wasn’t impressed with the prices and she accidentally picked a machine that would only do a small load and the cost was the same. $2 each for the washers and the dryers.  I decided I would just wait and do my laundry when we get to the next place. This is the most expensive price to do laundry I have seen thus far and their machines are just the older style top loader washers and smaller front load dryers.  I went back later to take some pictures.

The place isn’t very nice, but we haven’t had a bad experience with any neighbors. There seems to be a lot of people that live here full time so it feels more like a trailer park than an RV park.  The park is located right next to business route 15 which means there is a considerable amount of street noise. Our spot is fairly close to the road but we both slept just fine. 

The water pressure in my shower is the best it has been in any of the places we have stayed so far. 

A few other things to say about the park – they advertise mini golf, a pet area, a tent area, a meeting room, a barn, trailer storage, an on-site store in the office, on-site propane, and showers and laundry. Not that we care too much about any of those things really, but seeing is believing.

We did go out to eat at one of the local restaurants, Amigo Lounge Taco Treat, which was recommended by friends who live in the area.  We met them there for dinner on our first night in Great Falls.  It was pretty good. It is connected to a Casino, but you wouldn’t have known it.  My husband and I shared the Fajitas which was a mix of steak and chicken and came with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese on the side as well as tortillas.  It was plenty and left us room for Sopapillas, warm pieces of fry bread rolled in cinnamon & sugar, served with homemade honey butter, for dessert.

I like to go thrift shopping and had time to check out the 4 different ones they have in town. I have a few things I was specifically looking for and if they didn’t have those things then I move on to the next place. The biggest store with the most selection is Goodwill.  I then went to The Great Falls Rescue Mission thrift store because it was just around the corner. I spent less than 5 minutes in there because they don’t have much. Then it was across town to St. Vincent de Paul. There is pretty much just street parking though there is a small parking lot, but it felt too small to drive my truck into.  It was alright, but still on the smaller side. Lastly I went to the Salvation Army. I did find a pair of black Converse shoes for $3 and they are leather so it was a great find. Their selection was a bit better than the previous two stores, but nothing like that of Goodwill.  

We spent the 2nd evening in the trailer because my husband had work to do.  It was nice and quiet except for the rain, some of traffic noise and a train on the tracks. 

We had some great BBQ from Smoked. They’re only open for a few hours until the BBQ runs out. My husband says the jalapeno cole slaw was great. I’ll take his word for it. The last evening here we went to Giant Springs State Park and also took pictures at a couple of the overlooks of the dams on the Missouri River. We also had some great views driving between Great Falls and Helena.

Pros – shady, paved roads

Cons – road noise, facilities could use some expanding or updating

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