The Journey Begins

This is our first time living full time in a travel trailer and traveling around the USA.  Our set up is a 2019 Toyota Tundra pulling a 34 ft Keystone Outback 300 ml

We purchased our RV from Extreme RV  located in Eden, ID, right off the interstate.  After doing our research and looking at trailers in several states, we were happy to work with them, primarily because of their reputation for service work and honoring warranties.  We highly recommend getting your trailer or service work done here. 

A good friend suggested we become members of  Good Sam’s. Most of the places we are planning on staying give us a 10% discount for being members.  We also can save on gas & propane at certain locations. See website for more details. We also received two vouchers for $25 to use at Camping World. There was a time period in which they could be used and they couldn’t be used together. We got carpet for our steps with one coupon and then bought a few other items with the second one.  It is good to price compare what you are planning to buy because we found that some items were more expensive at Camping World.

Our first adventure in our trailer was to Banbury Hot Springs with a group of friends.  You can find out more about it and the other hot springs camping area nearby at . They have back in only sites with full hook up.  There are bathrooms, showers and laundry area. They are still in the process of fixing things up so the showers aren’t the best.  Considering when we were there our shower in our trailer wouldn’t drain when we first tried to use it, it was nice to have a place to get clean.  If you pay to swim in the pool or have a private mineral hot tub or jacuzzi tub the showers are much nicer. There are also kayak rentals available.  The campground is grassy with mature trees and picnic tables. There is also places for tent camping. NOTE: We have been to Miracle Hot Springs and it is very nice and just a short drive away from Banbury.  When you pay for swimming it is a day pass and you can use it at either location. 

Our 2nd time using our trailer, we went to the Hagerman RV Village.   We went by ourselves and enjoyed seeing some of the local tourist sites in the area. Our first stop was to the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument Visitor Center. We then went out to the Fossil Beds, but you can’t really see much since it is just a viewing area of where some of the fossils of the Hagerman Horse were first discovered.  We also drove up the road from there a bit and were able to see some of the Oregon Trail. We also stumbled upon a nice little thrift store and bought a backgammon set and enjoyed learning to play.  The game fits nicely under the cushion of one of our dining table chairs. Another cool place we went to was Owsley Bridge and “the Fall Hole” nearby.  We bought some of the local cantaloupe from the local grocery store Chappel’s Market and my husband said it was the best he has ever had.  I am not a fan of cantaloupe. One night we went to Papa Kelseys Pizza and Subs, for Farr’s ice cream. This ice cream, I just discovered is out of Utah.  Little surprised that this local family owned pizza place with several locations around the Magic Valley wouldn’t serve ice cream from Cloverleaf Creamery which has an ice cream shop less than 22 miles away. Their ice cream is very good so if you get a chance to try it, you should!

Our 3rd trip out was dry camping with a group of friends to Pine, Idaho and we stayed at the Elk Flats Campground

Just up the road you can access hot pools that are part of the Boise River and it is pretty good area for us beginner kayakers. We borrowed an professional inflatable 2 person kayak from a friend, but we have since purchased a 2 person Intex Challenger K2 Inflatable Kayak, it comes with Oars and a hand pump. Since it is inflatable then it is something easy for us to make room for in the back of our truck.  My husband learned that a battery cannot operate a coffee pot. My husband had no idea how much energy it took to run a coffee pot. Since we weren’t full timers yet, he didn’t even have his French press. Luckily, the group we were with drink coffee and he was able to have some. I wouldn’t want to see what my husband is like without coffee in his system. We have solar panel installed so he wasn’t worried about draining the battery.  We have since bought a generator. We haven’t used it and most likely won’t, but it is a good thing to have just in case.

We are on Facebook and found a good RV group to join- Living the RV Dream. The members are friendly as well as helpful with advice.  When we started out we stopped at Walmart because we needed to return a couple things we had purchase for storage and didn’t need.  I decided to post a pic of our rig in front of the store saying it was our first stop. Several people commented about how the rear end of the truck looked bad and suggested that we should get airbags installed.  I knew that we had airbags and so stated that and then someone said that they probably need air. As soon as we were able to, we filled them with air and my husband said that he noticed a big difference in our rig after that.  We are loving being a part of the RV community.  

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